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I am a patient or family member

If you or a loved one is contemplating medical assistance in dying (MAID), compassionate and professional support is available for you. Below you will find information and links to resources to help you and your loved ones understand medical assistance in dying:

FAQs for Patients and Families

General Information

How do I Access Medical Assistance in Dying

If you are suffering from a life limiting medical condition, you can talk to your doctor or nurse practitioner about your options for treatment and care. A palliative approach to care is available to you and your caregiver and will be of great benefit to ensure your needs & wishes are met.  One option available to you at the end of your life is medical assistance in dying (MAID). If you’re already in a hospital or long-term care home, speak to your doctor or care provider about your options.
In Waterloo Wellington, you can also access information about MAID and/or receive a referral to providers who can support your request for MAID by calling 310-2222